Game: Riders of Icarus

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Nexon Corporation of America and South Korea wemade's cooperative travelogue Icarus Knight (riders of Icarus) will be on June 2, open the third test, is the last test. Officials in advance of sharing the a new promo, for players to show Icarus Knight can capture and collect cool mounts. The Icarus Knight final test, Players in Western Europe, North America, Latin America and Oceania can participate,Just log on to the official website to apply.Test time continued from June 7th to June 2nd. The final test will be the official collection of feedback from players,Perfect the game.In the final test will get the game player permanent and silver dragon cloak cloak dragon in the beta.And Iarus Knight founder package to buy players also can be a week in advance experience game beta version ( Icarus Knight will be on July 6, beta The game player can buy package in June 29th to enter the game). ​Buy Icarus Gold,Cheap RoI Gold on sale for Riders of Icarus Gold gamers on We know that most of Riders of Icarus Gold players are so desired for the Icarus Gold since it is very necessary in game. Expect for the Armors or Accessories, which may cost a lot of RoI Gold
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