Planetside 2 Adding Resource Collection And Base Building Mechanics

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One of the last things I expected to hear this year was that Planetside 2 would be receiving resource collection and base building, but we're less than a week into the New Year, and it is indeed happening. The latest Private Test Server updateintroduced the first version of this system, currently "intended for load/performance testing." While multiple buildings are demoed in the videos below, players can currently only drive the ANT resource collector around, collect resources, and place a "VP generator."

Personally, I am a bit skeptical about the system. It's undoubtedly an attempt to add more depth to the game while also giving players control over their coordinated attacks, but I have always regarded Planetside 2 as an easy way to jump into a game and take part in a massive battle for a little while. Systems like this could potentially complicate that. However, it is definitely a set of features I've seen requests for in the past.



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